Todd Haimes


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Skintight Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/21/2018 Artistic Director
2 Amy and the Orphans Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 03/01/2018 Artistic Director
3 Napoli, Brooklyn Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/27/2017 Artistic Director
4 If I Forget Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 02/22/2017 Artistic Director
5 Love, Love, Love Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/19/2016 Artistic Director
6 The Robber Bridegroom Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 03/13/2016 Artistic Director
7 The Humans Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/25/2015 Artistic Director
8 Significant Other Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/18/2015 Artistic Director
9 Into the Woods Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 01/22/2015 Artistic Director
10 Indian Ink Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 09/30/2014 Artistic Director
11 Just Jim Dale Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/03/2014 Artistic Director
12 Dinner with Friends Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 02/13/2014 Artistic Director
13 Bad Jews Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/03/2013 Artistic Director
14 The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/27/2013 Artistic Director
15 Talley's Folly Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 03/05/2013 Artistic Director
16 If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 09/20/2012 Artistic Director
17 The Common Pursuit Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 05/24/2012 Artistic Director
18 Look Back in Anger Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 02/02/2012 Artistic Director
19 Sons of the Prophet Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/20/2011 Artistic Director
20 Death Takes a Holiday Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 07/21/2011 Artistic Director
21 The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 01/30/2011 Artistic Director
22 The Language Archive Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/17/2010 Artistic Director
23 The Glass Menagerie Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 03/24/2010 Artistic Director
24 The Understudy Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 11/05/2009 Artistic Director
25 Distracted Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 03/04/2009 Artistic Director
26 Streamers Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 11/11/2008 Artistic Director
27 The Marriage of Bette and Boo Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 07/13/2008 Artistic Director
28 Crimes of the Heart Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 02/14/2008 Artistic Director
29 The Overwhelming Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 10/23/2007 Artistic Director
30 Suddenly Last Summer Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 11/15/2006 Artistic Director
31 Pig Farm Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/27/2006 Artistic Director
32 Entertaining Mr. Sloane Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 03/16/2006 Artistic Director
33 Mr. Marmalade Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 11/20/2005 Artistic Director
34 The Paris Letter Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/12/2005 Artistic Director
35 McReele Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 02/24/2005 Artistic Director
36 The Foreigner Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 11/07/2004 Artistic Director
37 Fiction Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 07/25/2004 Artistic Director
38 Intimate Apparel Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 04/08/2004 Artistic Director
39 All Over Gramercy Theatre 06/27/2002 Artistic Director
40 The Dazzle Gramercy Theatre 03/05/2002 Artistic Director
41 Speaking in Tongues Gramercy Theatre 11/15/2001 Artistic Director
42 Blue Gramercy Theatre 06/28/2001 Artistic Director
43 A Skull in Connemara Gramercy Theatre 02/22/2001 Artistic Director
44 Juno and the Paycock Gramercy Theatre 09/22/2000 Artistic Director
45 Neil Simon's 'Hotel Suite' Gramercy Theatre 06/15/2000 Artistic Director
46 Arms and the Man Gramercy Theatre 02/10/2000 Artistic Director
47 Give Me Your Answer, Do! Gramercy Theatre 10/05/1999 Artistic Director
48 Hurrah at Last Gramercy Theatre 06/03/1999 Artistic Director
49 The Mineola Twins Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 02/18/1999 Artistic Director
50 Ashes to Ashes Gramercy Theatre 02/07/1999 Artistic Director
51 Impossible Marriage Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 10/15/1998 Artistic Director
52 You Never Can Tell Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 06/21/1998 Artistic Director
53 A Flea in Her Ear Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 03/05/1998 Artistic Director
54 Cyrano De Bergerac Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 12/09/1997 Artistic Director
55 Misalliance Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 08/07/1997 Artistic Director
56 All My Sons Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 05/04/1997 Artistic Director
57 Scapin Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 01/09/1997 Artistic Director
58 Molly Sweeney Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 12/26/1995 Artistic Director
59 Moonlight Laura Pels Theatre (Former) 09/27/1995 Artistic Director
60 She Stoops to Conquer or The Mistakes of a Night Hudson Guild Theatre 03/11/1993 Producing Director
61 The Matchmaker Union Square Theatre 07/30/1991 Producing Director
62 The Subject Was Roses Union Square Theatre 05/15/1991 Producing Director
63 Pygmalion Union Square Theatre 03/06/1991 Producing Director
64 The Country Girl Union Square Theatre 12/26/1990 Producing Director
65 King Lear Union Square Theatre 10/09/1990 Producing Director
66 Price of Fame Union Square Theatre 05/23/1990 Producing Director
67 The Crucible Union Square Theatre 03/14/1990 Producing Director
68 The Doctor's Dilemma Union Square Theatre 01/03/1990 Producing Director
69 The Tempest Union Square Theatre 10/25/1989 Producing Director
70 Privates on Parade Union Square Theatre 07/26/1989 Producing Director
71 The Member of the Wedding Union Square Theatre 03/08/1989 Executive Director
72 Enrico IV Union Square Theatre 12/21/1988 Executive Director
73 Ghosts Union Square Theatre 10/05/1988 Executive Director
74 Dandy Dick Union Square Theatre 05/11/1988 Executive Director
75 Rashomon Union Square Theatre 03/02/1988 Executive Director
76 Man and Superman Union Square Theatre 12/16/1987 Executive Director
77 Of Mice and Men Union Square Theatre 10/07/1987 Executive Director
78 Bunker Reveries Union Square Theatre 07/30/1987 Executive Director
79 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Union Square Theatre 04/29/1987 Executive Director
80 The Miracle Worker Union Square Theatre 02/18/1987 Executive Director
81 A Man for All Seasons Union Square Theatre 12/11/1986 Executive Director
82 Brownstone Union Square Theatre 10/08/1986 Executive Director
83 A Raisin in the Sun Union Square Theatre 07/23/1986 Executive Director
84 Master Class Union Square Theatre 06/05/1986 Executive Director
85 Cheapside Union Square Theatre 03/29/1986 Executive Director
86 Room Service Union Square Theatre 01/29/1986 Executive Director
87 Mrs. Warren's Profession Union Square Theatre 11/27/1985 Executive Director
88 Springtime for Henry Union Square Theatre 07/17/1985 Managing Director
89 The Voice of the Turtle Union Square Theatre 05/22/1985 Managing Director
90 An Enemy of the People Union Square Theatre 03/27/1985 Managing Director
91 The Playboy of the Western World Union Square Theatre 01/30/1985 Managing Director
92 A Day in the Death of Joe Egg Haft Theater 01/06/1985 Managing Director
93 She Stoops to Conquer Triplex Theater 10/09/1984 Managing Director
94 Come Back, Little Sheba Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 07/12/1984 Managing Director
95 Old Times Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 12/20/1983 Managing Director
96 The Killing of Sister George Susan Bloch Theatre 09/27/1983 Managing Director
97 The Master Builder Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 09/20/1983 Managing Director
98 The Knack Roundabout Stage I (23rd Street Theater) 08/21/1983 Managing Director

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Mistress of the Inn Union Square Theatre 07/20/1988 Director
Award Production Function
1 WON 2013 Lucille Lortel Award, Lifetime Achievement Award