Pamela Adams


General Manager/Press
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Describe the Night Linda Gross Theater 12/05/2017 General Manager
2 Derren Brown: Secret Linda Gross Theater 05/16/2017 General Manager
3 Marie and Rosetta Linda Gross Theater 09/12/2016 General Manager
4 Skeleton Crew Linda Gross Theater 05/19/2016 General Manager
5 Hold On To Me Darling Linda Gross Theater 03/14/2016 General Manager
6 Cloud Nine Linda Gross Theater 10/05/2015 General Manager
7 Permission Lucille Lortel Theatre 05/18/2015 General Manager
8 The Nether Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/24/2015 General Manager
9 Punk Rock Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/17/2014 General Manager
10 The Money Shot Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/22/2014 General Manager
11 The Village Bike Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/10/2014 General Manager
12 Hand to God Lucille Lortel Theatre 03/11/2014 General Manager
13 Small Engine Repair Lucille Lortel Theatre 11/20/2013 General Manager
14 Reasons To Be Happy Lucille Lortel Theatre 06/11/2013 General Manager
15 Really Really Lucille Lortel Theatre 02/19/2013 General Manager
16 Don't Go Gentle Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/14/2012 General Manager

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Contrast Eastside Playhouse 11/28/1972 Jenny
2 One for the Money, Etc. Eastside Playhouse 05/24/1972 N/A
3 The Red, White and Black Players Theatre 03/30/1971 N/A