Joe Morton


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Turn Me Loose Westside Arts Theatre 05/19/2016 Dick Gregory
2 The Exonerated 45 Bleecker 09/19/2012 N/A REPLACEMENT
3 The Exonerated Theatres at 45 Bleecker/Bleecker Street Theatre 10/10/2002 N/A REPLACEMENT
4 Brutal Imagination Vineyard Theatre 01/09/2002 Mr. Zero
5 Measure for Measure Delacorte Theater 06/17/2001 Vincentio
6 King John Delacorte Theater 08/05/1988 Hubert
7 Elektra East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 11/01/1987 Orestes
8 Cheapside Union Square Theatre 03/29/1986 Cutting Bull
9 G.R. Point Marymount Manhattan Theatre 04/07/1977 Shoulders
10 Charlie Was Here and Now He's Gone Eastside Playhouse 06/06/1971 Charlie
11 Salvation Jan Hus Playhouse 09/24/1969 Mark
12 Month of Sundays Lucille Lortel Theatre 09/16/1968 N/A

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Crumbs from the Table of Joy McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/09/1995 Director
2 The Heliotrope Bouqet by Scott Joplin & Louis Chauvin Playwrights Horizons 02/05/1993 Director
Award Production Function
1 WON 2017 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play Turn Me Loose Actor
2 WON 2016 AUDELCO Award, Lead Actor Turn Me Loose Actor