James E. Cleveland


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Rape of the Sabine Women, by Grace B. Matthias1 The Duke on 42nd Street 09/10/2017 Production Supervisor
2 The Wolves The Duke on 42nd Street 09/11/2016 Production Supervisor
3 Himself and Nora Minetta Lane Theatre 06/06/2016 Production Manager
4 The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey Westside Theatre (Downstairs) 07/27/2015 Production Manager
5 Doctor Faustus East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 06/18/2015 Production Supervisor
6 Bright Half Life New York City Center-Stage II 02/25/2015 Production Supervisor
7 City Of Peter Jay Sharp Theater (at Playwrights Horizons) 02/05/2015 Production Supervisor
8 Nevermore - The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe New World Stages Stage I 01/25/2015 Production Manager
9 My Manana Comes Peter Jay Sharp Theater (at Playwrights Horizons) 09/04/2014 Production Supervisor
10 Los Monologos de la Vagina Westside Theatre (Downstairs) 05/14/2014 Production Supervisor
11 Row After Row New York City Center-Stage II 01/23/2014 Technical Supervisor
12 Grasses of a Thousand Colors Joseph Papp Public Theater/Susan Stein Shiva Theater 10/28/2013 Production Supervisor
13 The Hatmaker's Wife Peter Jay Sharp Theater (at Playwrights Horizons) 09/05/2013 Production Supervisor
14 Hit the Wall Barrow Street Theatre 03/10/2013 Production Supervisor
15 Tina Packer's Women of Will The Gym at Judson 02/03/2013 Production Supervisor
16 Forever Dusty New World Stages Stage V 11/18/2012 Production Manager
17 Old Jews Telling Jokes Westside Theatre (Downstairs) 05/20/2012 Production Supervisor
18 Tribes Barrow Street Theatre 03/04/2012 Production Supervisor
19 Unnatural Acts East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 06/23/2011 Production Supervisor
20 The School For Lies East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 05/01/2011 Production Manager
21 La Barberia New World Stages Stage III 02/17/2011 Production Supervisor
22 The Witch of Edmonton Theater at St. Clement's Church 02/03/2011 Production Supervisor
23 The Ohmies Daryl Roth Theatre 01/06/2011 Production Supervisor
24 Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party Acorn Theater 08/12/2010 Production Manager

1 Credited as James Cleveland.

Stage Manager
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Ivanov East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 11/11/2012 Production Stage Manager

General Manager/Press
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Three Sisters East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 02/03/2011 General Manager