Second Stage Theatre

Second Stage Theatre celebrates its 23rd anniversary this season. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Carole Rothman, Second Stage Theatre has devoted itself to innovative “second stagings” of contemporary plays and to the development of new works by American playwrights, including Edward Albee (Tiny Alice), Lynda Barry (The Good Times Are Killing Me), Jules Feiffer (Little Murders), Tina Howe (Painting Churches and Coastal Disturbances), Ricky Jay (Ricky Jay and His 52 Assistants and On The Stem), Kenneth Lonergan (This Is Our Youth and The Waverly Gallery), Stephen Sondheim (Saturday Night), Wendy Wasserstein (Uncommon Women and Others), Michael Weller (Spoils of War), Cheryl L. West (Before It Hits Home and Jar the Floor), August Wilson (Jitney), Lanford Wilson (Lemon Sky, Serenading Louie, and Sympathetic Magic), and Mary Zimmerman (Metamorphoses). The company’s more than 100 citations include 22 OBIE Awards, 4 Outer Critics Circle Awards, 2 Clarence Derwent Awards, 4 Tony Award nominations, 5 Drama Desk Awards, 5 Theatre World Awards, 6 Lucille Lortel Awards, the Drama Critics Circle Award, and more than 25 AUDELCO awards and nominations. In 1999, Second Stage opened its state- of-the- art, 296-seat theatre, designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, at 43rd Street and 8th Avenue. Second Stage Theatre is widely recognized for its groundbreaking program to foster multigenerational theatre for teens through commissioned works and outreach programs (In the Door). In 1999, the theatre also launched a new musicals program, which discovers and supports the work of composers, lyricists and librettists. Second Stage will inaugurate a new play series this spring at its uptown location, the McGinn/Cazale Theatre.
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Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Man From Nebraska Second Stage Theatre 02/15/2017 Producer
2 Notes From the Field Second Stage Theatre 11/02/2016 Producer
3 The Layover Second Stage Theatre 08/09/2016 Producer
4 Engagements McGinn-Cazale Theatre 08/04/2016 Producer
5 Friend Art McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/26/2016 Producer
6 Dear Evan Hansen Second Stage Theatre 05/01/2016 Producer
7 Smart People Second Stage Theatre 02/11/2016 Producer
8 Invisible Thread Second Stage Theatre 12/02/2015 Producer
9 Whorl Inside a Loop Second Stage Theatre 08/27/2015 Producer
10 King Liz McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/27/2015 Producer
11 The Other Thing McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/21/2015 Producer
12 The Way We Get By Second Stage Theatre 05/12/2015 Producer
13 Between Riverside and Crazy Second Stage Theatre 02/11/2015 Producer
14 Lips Together, Teeth Apart Second Stage Theatre 10/29/2014 Producer
15 Sex With Strangers Second Stage Theatre 07/30/2014 Producer
16 Mala Hierba McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/24/2014 Producer
17 American Hero McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/22/2014 Producer
18 The Substance of Fire Second Stage Theatre 04/27/2014 Producer
19 The Happiest Song Plays Last Second Stage Theatre 03/03/2014 Producer
20 Little Miss Sunshine Second Stage Theatre 11/14/2013 Producer
21 Murder For Two New World Stages Stage V 11/06/2013 Producer
22 Murder for Two McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/25/2013 Producer
23 Nobody Loves You Second Stage Theatre 07/18/2013 Producer
24 The Tutors McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/05/2013 Producer
25 The Last Five Years Second Stage Theatre 04/02/2013 Producer
26 Water By The Spoonful Second Stage Theatre 01/08/2013 Producer
27 Modern Terrorism, or They Who Want to Kill Us and How We Learn to Love Them Second Stage Theatre 10/18/2012 Producer
28 Warrior Class McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/23/2012 Producer
29 Dogfight Second Stage Theatre 07/16/2012 Producer
30 Lonely, I'm Not Second Stage Theatre 05/07/2012 Producer
31 How I Learned to Drive Second Stage Theatre 02/13/2012 Producer
32 The Blue Flower Second Stage Theatre 11/09/2011 Producer
33 The Talls McGinn-Cazale Theatre 08/15/2011 Producer
34 All New People Second Stage Theatre 07/25/2011 Producer
35 Sex Lives of Our Parents McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/22/2011 Producer
36 By the Way, Meet Vera Stark Second Stage Theatre 05/09/2011 Producer
37 Gruesome Playground Injuries Second Stage Theatre 01/23/2011 Producer
38 Wings Second Stage Theatre 10/24/2010 Producer
39 Trust Second Stage Theatre 08/12/2010 Producer
40 Bachelorette McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/21/2010 Producer
41 The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity Second Stage Theatre 05/20/2010 Producer
42 Mr. & Mrs. Fitch Second Stage Theatre 02/22/2010 Producer
43 Let Me Down Easy Second Stage Theatre 10/07/2009 Producer
44 Wildflower McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/27/2009 Producer
45 Vanities Second Stage Theatre 07/16/2009 Producer
46 10 Things To Do Before I Die McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/28/2009 Producer
47 Everyday Rapture Second Stage Theatre 05/03/2009 Producer
48 Becky Shaw Second Stage Theatre 01/08/2009 Producer
49 Boys' Life Second Stage Theatre 10/20/2008 Producer
50 Animals Out of Paper McGinn-Cazale Theatre 08/04/2008 Producer
51 Some Americans Abroad Second Stage Theatre 07/24/2008 Producer
52 Len, Asleep in Vinyl McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/02/2008 Producer
53 Good Boys and True Second Stage Theatre 05/19/2008 Producer
54 Next to Normal Second Stage Theatre 02/13/2008 Producer
55 Peter and Jerry Second Stage Theatre 11/11/2007 Producer
56 Election Day McGinn-Cazale Theatre 08/01/2007 Producer
57 eurydice Second Stage Theatre 06/18/2007 Producer
58 The Butcher of Baraboo McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/11/2007 Producer
59 Some Men Second Stage Theatre 03/26/2007 Producer
60 The Scene Second Stage Theatre 01/11/2007 Producer
61 subUrbia Second Stage Theatre 09/28/2006 Producer
62 All This Intimacy McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/27/2006 Producer
63 Getting Home McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/15/2006 Producer
64 The Water's Edge Second Stage Theatre 06/14/2006 Producer
65 Show People Second Stage Theatre 04/06/2006 Producer
66 The Little Dog Laughed Second Stage Theatre 01/10/2006 Producer
67 A Soldier's Play Second Stage Theatre 10/17/2005 Producer
68 The Dear Boy McGinn-Cazale Theatre 08/08/2005 Producer
69 Swimming in the Shallows McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/28/2005 Producer
70 Birdie Blue Second Stage Theatre 06/23/2005 Producer
71 Privilege Second Stage Theatre 04/25/2005 Producer
72 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Second Stage Theatre 02/07/2005 Producer
73 Danny and the Deep Blue Sea Second Stage Theatre 11/10/2004 Producer
74 Afterbirth: Kathy & Mo's Greatest Hits Second Stage Theatre 06/17/2004 Producer
75 Wintertime Second Stage Theatre 03/02/2004 Producer
76 Dinner with Demons Second Stage Theatre 12/16/2003 Producer
77 Living Out Second Stage Theatre 09/30/2003 Producer
78 The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci Second Stage Theatre 06/29/2003 Producer
79 Little Fish Second Stage Theatre 02/13/2003 Producer
80 Crowns Second Stage Theatre 12/03/2002 Producer
81 Ricky Jay: On the Stem Second Stage Theatre 05/02/2002 Producer
82 Sorrows and Rejoicings Second Stage Theatre 02/04/2002 Producer
83 Metamorphoses Second Stage Theatre 10/09/2001 Producer
84 Once Around the City Second Stage Theatre 06/12/2001 Producer
85 Crimes of the Heart Second Stage Theatre 04/16/2001 Producer
86 Cellini Second Stage Theatre 01/24/2001 Producer
87 Tiny Alice Second Stage Theatre 12/05/2000 Producer
88 Jitney Union Square Theatre 09/19/2000 Producer
89 Jitney Second Stage Theatre 04/25/2000 Producer
90 The Waverly Gallery Promenade Theatre 03/22/2000 Producer
91 Saturday Night Second Stage Theatre 02/17/2000 Producer
92 Jar the Floor Second Stage Theatre 08/11/1999 Producer
93 Gemini Second Stage Theatre 06/16/1999 Producer
94 That Championship Season Second Stage Theatre 04/21/1999 Producer
95 This is Our Youth McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/03/1998 Producer
96 Bad Sex with Bud Kemp McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/05/1998 Producer
97 A Madhouse in Goa McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/17/1997 Producer
98 Something Blue McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/22/1997 Producer
99 The Red Address McGinn-Cazale Theatre 04/16/1997 Producer
100 Sympathetic Magic Second Stage Theatre 04/16/1997 Producer
101 Tooth of Crime (Second Dance) Lucille Lortel Theatre 12/23/1996 Producer
102 Aliens in America McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/19/1996 Producer
103 Dark Rapture Signature Theatre 04/23/1996 Producer
104 Oblivion Postponed McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/14/1995 Producer
105 Sin McGinn-Cazale Theatre 09/12/1995 Producer
106 Crumbs from the Table of Joy McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/09/1995 Producer
107 Rush Limbaugh in Night School McGinn-Cazale Theatre 02/22/1995 Producer
108 Zooman and the Sign McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/22/1994 Producer
109 Uncommon Women and Others Lucille Lortel Theatre 10/26/1994 Producer
110 The Family of Mann McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/09/1994 Producer
111 Ricky Jay & His 52 Assistants McGinn-Cazale Theatre 01/25/1994 Producer
112 Life Sentences McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/09/1993 Producer
113 Loose Knit McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/11/1993 Producer
114 Time on Fire McGinn-Cazale Theatre 04/20/1993 Producer
115 One Shoe Off Joseph Papp Public Theater/Anspacher Theater 03/16/1993 Producer
116 Spike Heels McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/12/1992 Producer
117 Red Diaper Baby McGinn-Cazale Theatre 03/17/1992 Producer
118 Dearly Departed McGinn-Cazale Theatre 12/03/1991 Producer
119 The Good Times Are Killing Me Minetta Lane Theatre 07/30/1991 Producer
120 Home and Away McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/08/1991 Producer
121 The Good Times Are Killing Me McGinn-Cazale Theatre 03/26/1991 Producer
122 Earth and Sky McGinn-Cazale Theatre 01/17/1991 Producer
123 Lake No Bottom McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/03/1990 Producer
124 Jersey City McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/19/1990 Producer
125 What a Man Weighs McGinn-Cazale Theatre 04/25/1990 Producer
126 Square One McGinn-Cazale Theatre 01/25/1990 Producer
127 Baba Goya McGinn-Cazale Theatre 10/31/1989 Producer
128 Shimmer McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/10/1989 Producer
129 In a Pig's Valise McGinn-Cazale Theatre 01/11/1989 Producer
130 The Rimers of Eldritch McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/08/1988 Producer
131 The Film Society McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/07/1988 Producer
132 Spoils of War McGinn-Cazale Theatre 04/22/1988 Producer
133 Loose Ends McGinn-Cazale Theatre 01/27/1988 Producer
134 Moonchildren McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/18/1987 Producer
135 The Redthroats McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/15/1987 Producer
136 Little Murders McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/06/1987 Producer
137 Division Street McGinn-Cazale Theatre 02/03/1987 Producer
138 Coastal Disturbances McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/19/1986 Producer
139 The Further Adventures of Kathy and Mo McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/27/1986 Producer
140 Rich Relations McGinn-Cazale Theatre 04/04/1986 Producer
141 Black Girl McGinn-Cazale Theatre 02/03/1986 Producer
142 Lemon Sky McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/25/1985 Producer
143 Short Eyes McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/13/1985 Producer
144 Sister and Miss Lexie McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/25/1985 Producer
145 Juno's Swans McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/03/1985 Producer
146 The Vienna Notes McGinn-Cazale Theatre 03/13/1985 Producer
147 Linda Her/ The Fairy Garden McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/31/1984 Producer
148 Landscape of the Body McGinn-Cazale Theatre 04/19/1984 Producer
149 All Night Long McGinn-Cazale Theatre 03/06/1984 Producer
150 Serenading Louie Joseph Papp Public Theater/Newman Theater 01/17/1984 Producer
151 Painting Churches Lamb's Theatre 11/22/1983 Producer
152 Winterplay South Street Theatre 05/22/1983 Producer
153 Something Different South Street Theatre 03/15/1983 Producer
154 Painting Churches South Street Theatre 02/08/1983 Producer
155 The Woods Second Stage - Park Royal 05/16/1982 Producer
156 Pastorale Second Stage - Park Royal 04/04/1982 Producer
157 Flux Second Stage - Park Royal 01/31/1982 Producer
158 My Sister in this House Second Stage - Park Royal 11/18/1981 Producer
159 Fishing Second Stage - Park Royal 04/17/1981 Producer
160 In Trousers Second Stage - Park Royal 03/22/1981 Producer
161 Bits & Pieces Second Stage - Park Royal 05/23/1980 Producer
162 Split Second Stage - Park Royal 04/04/1980 Producer
Award Production
1 NOMINATED 2009 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Play Animals Out of Paper Producer
2 NOMINATED 2009 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Play 2009 Outer Critics Circle Award Nomination, Outstanding New Off- Broadway Play Becky Shaw Producer
3 NOMINATED 2002 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Revival Crimes of the Heart Producer
4 NOMINATED 2017 Lucille Lortel Awards Nomination, Outstanding Musical Dear Evan Hansen Producer
5 WON 2013 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Musical Dogfight Producer
6 NOMINATED 2008 Drama League Award Nomination, Outstanding Production of a Play eurydice Producer
7 NOMINATED 2010 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Musical Everyday Rapture Producer
8 NOMINATED 2001 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Play Jitney Producer
9 NOMINATED 2010 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Solo Show Let Me Down Easy Producer
10 WON 2002 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play 2002 Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Play 2002 Drama League Award, Outstanding Production of a Play Metamorphoses Producer
11 NOMINATED 2010 Audience Award Nomination, Favorite New Off-Broadway Play Mr. & Mrs. Fitch Producer
12 NOMINATED 2008 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Musical 2008 Drama League Award Nomination, Outstanding Production of a Musical Next to Normal Producer
13 NOMINATED 2017 Lucille Lortel Awards Nomination, Outstanding Solo Show Notes From the Field Producer
14 WON 2017 Lucille Lortel Awards, Outstanding Solo Show Notes From the Field Producer
15 WON 2005 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Producer
16 NOMINATED 2012 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Musical The Blue Flower Producer
17 WON 2011 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity Producer
18 WON 2001 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Revival Tiny Alice Producer