Caparelliotis Casting


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Hot Mess Theater Center / Jerry Orbach Theater 11/16/2017 Casting
2 The Red Letter Plays: In the Blood Pershing Square Signature Center-The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre 09/17/2017 Casting
3 The Red Letter Plays: Fucking A Pershing Square Signature Center-The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre 09/11/2017 Casting
4 The Layover Second Stage Theatre 08/09/2016 Casting
5 Engagements McGinn-Cazale Theatre 08/04/2016 Casting
6 Friend Art McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/26/2016 Casting
7 Skeleton Crew Linda Gross Theater 05/19/2016 Casting
8 Smart People Second Stage Theatre 02/11/2016 Casting
9 Whorl Inside a Loop Second Stage Theatre 08/27/2015 Casting
10 King Liz McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/27/2015 Casting
11 Preludes Claire Tow Theater 06/15/2015 Casting
12 The Other Thing McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/21/2015 Casting
13 Lost Lake New York City Center-Stage I 11/11/2014 Casting
14 Lips Together, Teeth Apart Second Stage Theatre 10/29/2014 Casting
15 Sex With Strangers Second Stage Theatre 07/30/2014 Casting
16 Mala Hierba McGinn-Cazale Theatre 07/24/2014 Casting
17 American Hero McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/22/2014 Casting
18 Los Monologos de la Vagina Westside Theatre (Downstairs) 05/14/2014 Casting
19 The Happiest Song Plays Last Second Stage Theatre 03/03/2014 Casting
20 The Tutors McGinn-Cazale Theatre 06/05/2013 Casting
21 The Madrid New York City Center-Stage I 02/26/2013 Casting
22 Water By The Spoonful Second Stage Theatre 01/08/2013 Casting
23 Disgraced Claire Tow Theater 10/22/2012 Casting
24 Modern Terrorism, or They Who Want to Kill Us and How We Learn to Love Them Second Stage Theatre 10/18/2012 Casting
Award Production
1 WON 2013 Artios Award, New York Theatre-Comedy or Musical The Madrid Casting