Faye Armon-Troncoso


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Skintight Laura Pels Theatre (Current) 06/21/2018 Prop Master
2 Admissions Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 03/12/2018 Prop Master
3 The Babylon Line Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 12/05/2016 Prop Master
4 Oslo Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 07/11/2016 Prop Master
5 The Royale Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 03/07/2016 Prop Master
6 The Mystery of Love & Sex Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 03/02/2015 Prop Master
7 The Oldest Boy Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 11/03/2014 Prop Master
8 The Fortress of Solitude Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 10/22/2014 Prop Master
9 The Who & The What Claire Tow Theater 06/16/2014 Prop Master
10 A Second Chance Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 03/30/2014 Prop Master
11 Stop Hitting Yourself Claire Tow Theater 01/27/2014 Prop Master
12 Domesticated Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 11/04/2013 Prop Master

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Our Lady of Kibeho Pershing Square Signature Center/ Irene Diamond Stage 11/16/2014 Prop Design
2 Poor Behavior The Duke on 42nd Street 08/17/2014 Prop Design
3 Atomic Acorn Theater 07/13/2014 Prop Design