Elliot Fox


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Lives of the Saints The Duke on 42nd Street 02/24/2015 Managing Director
2 While I Yet Live The Duke on 42nd Street 10/12/2014 Managing Director
3 Poor Behavior The Duke on 42nd Street 08/17/2014 Managing Director
4 The Tribute Artist 59E59 Theater A 02/09/2014 Managing Director
5 The Model Apartment 59E59 Theater A 10/15/2013 Managing Director
6 Bronx Bombers The Duke on 42nd Street 10/08/2013 Managing Director
7 Harbor 59E59 Theater A 08/06/2013 Managing Director
8 The Call Playwrights Horizons/ Peter Jay Sharp Theater 04/14/2013 Managing Director
9 All in the Timing 59E59 Theater A 02/12/2013 Managing Director
10 Him 59E59 Theater A 10/09/2012 Managing Director
11 Harrison, TX: Three Plays by Horton Foote 59E59 Theater A 08/14/2012 Managing Director
12 The Morini Strad 59E59 Theater A 04/03/2012 Managing Director
13 Rx 59E59 Theater A 02/07/2012 Managing Director
14 Motherhood Out Loud 59E59 Theater A 10/04/2011 Managing Director
15 Olive and the Bitter Herbs 59E59 Theater A 08/16/2011 Managing Director
16 Black Tie 59E59 Theater A 02/08/2011 Managing Director
17 In Transit 59E59 Theater A 10/05/2010 Managing Director
18 Secrets of the Trade 59E59 Theater A 08/10/2010 Managing Director
19 Happy Now? 59E59 Theater A 02/09/2010 Managing Director
20 The Night Watcher 59E59 Theater A 10/06/2009 Managing Director
21 A Lifetime Burning 59E59 Theater A 08/11/2009 Managing Director
22 Chasing Manet 59E59 Theater A 04/09/2009 Managing Director
23 Shipwrecked! An Entertainment - The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (As Told By Himself) 59E59 Theater A 02/08/2009 Managing Director
24 Love Child 59E59 Theater A 10/26/2008 Managing Director
25 A Body of Water 59E59 Theater A 10/14/2008 Managing Director
26 Buffalo Gal 59E59 Theater A 08/05/2008 Managing Director
27 Something You Did 59E59 Theater A 04/01/2008 Managing Director
28 Hunting and Gathering 59E59 Theater A 02/03/2008 Managing Director
29 Dividing the Estate 59E59 Theater A 09/27/2007 Managing Director
30 Opus 59E59 Theater A 08/07/2007 Managing Director
31 Exits and Entrances 59E59 Theater A 04/04/2007 Managing Director
32 Southern Comforts 59E59 Theater A 10/18/2006 Managing Director
33 Indian Blood 59E59 Theater A 08/09/2006 Managing Director
34 A Safe Harbor for Elizabeth Bishop 59E59 Theater A 03/30/2006 Managing Director
35 The Right Kind of People 59E59 Theater A 02/09/2006 Managing Director
36 Dedication or The Stuff of Dreams 59E59 Theater A 08/18/2005 Managing Director
37 Sabina 59E59 Theater A 02/02/2005 Managing Director
38 String of Pearls 59E59 Theater A 09/28/2004 Managing Director
39 Marco Polo Sings a Solo Peter Norton Space 09/15/1998 Associate Producer
40 Tooth of Crime (Second Dance) Lucille Lortel Theatre 12/23/1996 Associate Director
41 The Alexander Plays...Suzanne in Stages Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 04/19/1996 Associate Director
42 Sleep Deprivation Chamber Signature Theatre 02/23/1996 Associate Director
43 June and Jean in Concert Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 11/10/1995 Associate Producer
44 A Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White / Funnyhouse of a Negro Signature Theatre 09/22/1995 Associate Director
45 Laura Dennis Signature Theatre 03/10/1995 Associate Director
46 The Young Man from Atlanta Signature Theatre 01/27/1995 Associate Director
47 Night Seasons Signature Theatre 11/04/1994 Associate Director
48 Talking Pictures Signature Theatre 09/23/1994 Associate Director

General Manager/Press
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Open Heart Cherry Lane Theatre 03/17/2004 General Manager
2 Women on Fire Cherry Lane Theatre 11/19/2003 General Manager
3 Happy Days Cherry Lane Theatre 09/29/2002 General Manager

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Sad Lament of Pecos Bill on the Eve of Killing His Wife / Killer's Head / Action Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Susan Stein Shiva Theater 02/09/1997 Assistant Director
2 Chicago Signature Theatre 11/07/1996 Director

Stage Manager
Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Fragments Signature Theatre 04/08/1994 Production Stage Manager

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Sorrows of Frederick Signature Theatre 10/10/1991 Soldier 1