Richard Poe


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 A Midsummer Night's Dream Delacorte Theater 07/31/2017 Oberon
2 The Coward The Duke on 42nd Street 11/22/2010 Nathaniel Culling
3 Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them Joseph Papp Public Theater/Newman Theater 04/06/2009 Leonard
4 Svejk The Duke on 42nd Street 11/14/2004 Judge/Army Doctor/General Kraus/St. Peter
5 Mr. Fox: A Rumination Peter Norton Space 04/13/2004 Lingard/Policeman/Sutton/Jarrett Harlequin/Stage Crew
6 'Til the Rapture Comes Home Delacorte Theater 09/22/1998 Wilbur
7 View of the Dome New York Theatre Workshop 09/13/1996 N/A
8 Jeffrey Minetta Lane Theatre 03/06/1993 Man in Bed/Gym Rat/Don/Tim/Dad/Father Dan/Chuck Farling
9 Jeffrey WPA Theatre 12/31/1992 Man #3 in bed/Gym Rat/Don/Tim/Dad/Mr. Dan/Chuck Farling
10 Approximating Mother Judith Anderson Theatre 10/29/1991 N/A
11 Season's Greetings Joyce Theater 07/11/1985 Neville