Pauline Flanagan


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Bailegangaire Irish Repertory Theatre 10/10/2002 N/A
2 A Life Irish Repertory Theatre 06/19/2001 N/A
3 Juno and the Paycock Irish Repertory Theatre 11/10/1995 Juno Boyle
4 In Celebration New York City Center-Stage I 10/30/1984 Mrs. Shaw
5 Later Marymount Manhattan Theatre 01/11/1979 Molly
6 Drums Under the Windows Cherry Lane Theatre 10/13/1960 Mild Millie/ Eve/ Mrs. Ballynoy
7 Ulysses in Nighttown Rooftop Theatre 06/05/1958 Crone/ Molly/ Mary Driscoll/ Mrs. Mervin Talboys/ Orator/ Stephen's Mother