WP Theater

WP Theater (Formerly known as Women’s Project Theater) is the nation’s oldest and largest theater company dedicated to developing, producing and promoting the work of female-identified and trans theater artists at every stage in their careers. For nearly four decades we have served as leaders at the forefront of a global movement towards gender parity, and the example we set and the artists we have fostered have grown into to a robust and thriving community of female writers and directors in theater and beyond.

WP empowers female-identified artists to reach their full potential and, in doing so, challenges preconceptions about the kinds of plays women write and the stories they tell. As the premier launching pad for the most influential women working in theater today, WP has had a significant impact on the field at large. Nearly every prolific female theater artist has been through our doors, including Eve Ensler, María Irene Fornés, Katori Hall, Pam MacKinnon, Lynn Nottage, Leigh Silverman, and Anna Deveare Smith. WP artists work regularly on and off Broadway, and collectively, have won all of the awards currently given for achievement in the field, including multiple Tony, Lortel, OBIE, Drama Desk, Drama League, Lilly, and Whiting Awards; an Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama; and multiple Pulitzer Prizes. These powerful female artists found an early artistic home at WP, and are a testament to our role as a driving cultural force.

WP was founded in 1978 by visionary producer, Julia Miles, to address the significant under-representation of women in theater. Today, WP accomplishes its mission through several fundamental programs, including: the WP Lab, a two-year mentorship and new play development program for female-identified and trans playwrights, directors, and producers; the Playwright In Residence commissioning program; the Developmental series; and the Main Stage series, which features a full season of Off-Broadway productions written and directed by extraordinary theater artists. (Biography dated 02/09/2018 )
Official site: http://wptheater.org/

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Hatefuck McGinn-Cazale Theatre 03/03/2019 Co-Producer
2 Hurricane Diane New York Theatre Workshop 02/06/2019 Co-Producer
3 [PORTO] McGinn-Cazale Theatre 02/06/2018 Producer
4 What We're Up Against McGinn-Cazale Theatre 11/08/2017 Producer
5 Sundown, Yellow Moon McGinn-Cazale Theatre 03/14/2017 Co-Producer
6 Stuffed McGinn-Cazale Theatre 10/07/2016 Producer
7 Dear Elizabeth McGinn-Cazale Theatre 10/28/2015 Producer
8 Bright Half Life New York City Center/ Stage II 02/25/2015 Producer
9 A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes New York City Center/ Stage II 01/15/2015 Produced in Association
10 The Most Deserving New York City Center/ Stage II 04/08/2014 Producer
11 The Architecture of Becoming New York City Center/ Stage II 03/09/2014 Producer
12 Row After Row New York City Center/ Stage II 01/23/2014 Producer
13 Collapse New York City Center/ Stage II 04/16/2013 Producer
14 Jackie New World Stages/ Stage II 03/04/2013 Producer
15 Bethany New York City Center/ Stage II 01/20/2013 Producer
16 We Play for the Gods Cherry Lane Theatre 06/09/2012 Producer
17 How the World Began Playwrights Horizons/ Peter Jay Sharp Theater 01/08/2012 Producer
18 Milk Like Sugar Playwrights Horizons/ Peter Jay Sharp Theater 11/01/2011 Produced in Association
19 Room Julia Miles Theater 03/15/2011 Producer
20 Apple Cove Julia Miles Theater 02/06/2011 Producer
21 Lascivious Something Julia Miles Theater 05/11/2010 Producer
22 Smudge Julia Miles Theater 01/11/2010 Producer
23 Or, Julia Miles Theater 11/03/2009 Producer
24 Freshwater Julia Miles Theater 01/25/2009 Producer
25 Aliens with Extraordinary Skills Julia Miles Theater 09/30/2008 Producer
26 crooked Julia Miles Theater 04/20/2008 Producer
27 transFigures Theater Four 04/16/2007 Producer
28 Jump/Cut Julia Miles Theater 02/12/2006 Producer
29 Best of Both Worlds Julia Miles Theater 12/02/2004 Producer
30 Antigone Project Julia Miles Theater 10/13/2004 Producer
31 Birdy Julia Miles Theater 12/02/2003 Producer
32 Touch Julia Miles Theater 10/09/2003 Producer
33 The Women of Lockerbie Theater at St. Clement's Church 04/07/2003 Producer
34 Carson McCullers (Historically Inaccurate) Julia Miles Theater 01/09/2002 Producer
35 O Pioneers! Julia Miles Theater 05/02/2001 Producer
36 Saint Lucy's Eyes Julia Miles Theater 03/28/2001 Producer
37 Hard Feelings Julia Miles Theater 10/11/2000 Producer
38 Two-Headed Julia Miles Theater 05/03/2000 Producer
39 Our Place in Time Julia Miles Theater 01/26/2000 Producer
40 Gum Julia Miles Theater 10/06/1999 Producer
41 The Exact Center of the Universe Julia Miles Theater 03/30/1999 Producer
42 The Knee Desires the Dirt Julia Miles Theater 10/27/1998 Producer
43 The Chemistry of Change Julia Miles Theater 10/27/1998 Producer
44 Phaedra in Delirium East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 01/20/1998 Producer
45 The Summer in Gossensass Judith Anderson Theatre 01/20/1998 Producer
46 Under a Western Sky INTAR Theatre 04/23/1997 Producer
47 Terra Incognito INTAR Theatre 03/19/1997 Producer
48 Crocodiles in the Potomac American Place Theatre 10/19/1995 Producer
49 The Last Girl Singer Kampo Cultural Center 05/02/1995 Producer
50 Why We Have a Body Judith Anderson Theatre 11/01/1994 Producer
51 Black INTAR Theatre 03/07/1994 Producer
52 Eating Chicken Feet Playhouse 46 10/26/1993 Producer
53 The Brooklyn Trojan Women 45th Street Theatre 06/01/1993 Producer
54 Dream of a Common Language Judith Anderson Theatre 05/13/1992 Producer
55 Approximating Mother Judith Anderson Theatre 10/29/1991 Producer
56 Night Sky Judith Anderson Theatre 05/14/1991 Producer
57 The Encanto File and Other Short Plays Judith Anderson Theatre 03/19/1991 Producer
58 Day Trips Judith Anderson Theatre 10/30/1990 Producer
59 Tales of the Lost Formicans Apple Corps Theatre 04/17/1990 Producer
60 Violent Peace Apple Corps Theatre 02/20/1990 Producer
61 Mill Fire Apple Corps Theatre 10/10/1989 Producer
62 Niedecker Apple Corps Theatre 05/07/1989 Producer
63 Ladies Theater at St. Clement's Church 03/01/1989 Producer
64 Ma Rose Apple Corps Theatre 10/11/1988 Producer
65 Abingdon Square American Place Theatre 10/08/1987 Producer
66 Consequence American Place Theatre 03/18/1986 Producer
67 Breaking the Prairie Wolf Code American Place Theatre 11/13/1985 Producer
68 Paducah American Place Theatre 04/08/1985 Producer
69 Four Corners American Place Theatre 02/06/1985 Producer
70 A...My Name Is Alice American Place Theatre 02/24/1984 Producer
71 A...My Name Is Alice Village Gate/ Upstairs 11/02/1983 Producer
72 Territorial Rites American Place Theatre 06/01/1983 Producer
73 Heart of a Dog American Place Theatre 06/01/1983 Producer
74 Little Victories American Place Theatre 01/26/1983 Producer
75 The Brothers American Place Theatre 03/31/1982 Producer
76 The Death of a Miner American Place Theatre 03/25/1982 Producer
77 Constance and the Musician American Place Theatre 06/10/1981 Producer
78 Still Life American Place Theatre 02/10/1981 Producer
79 After the Revolution American Place Theatre 11/16/1980 Producer
80 Personals American Place Theatre 05/08/1980 Producer
81 Holy Places American Place Theatre 12/06/1979 Producer
82 Letters Home American Place Theatre 10/12/1979 Producer
83 Warriors from a Long Childhood American Place Theatre 05/17/1979 Producer
84 Choices American Place Theatre 11/30/1978 Producer
Award Production Function
1 WON 2018 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Body of Work    
2 NOMINATED 2018 Outer Critics Circle Award, John Gassner Award [PORTO] Producer
3 NOMINATED 2013 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play Bethany Producer
4 NOMINATED 2013 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Solo Show Jackie Producer
5 NOMINATED 2012 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play Milk Like Sugar Produced in Association
6 WON 1984 Outer Critics Circle Award, Best Revue A...My Name Is Alice Producer