Paradise for the Worried

Name: Theater at St. Clement's Church
Address: 423 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036
Production Details
Number of performances: 36
Opening date: April 3, 1990
Closing date: April 27, 1990

1990 Henry Hewes Design Award Nominations
1. Scenic Design, Victoria Petrovich
2. Lighting Design, Debra Dumas

Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Holly Anderson Conceiver
Kinematic Conceiver
Tamar Kotoske Conceiver
Maria Lakis Conceiver
Mary Richter Conceiver
Diane Wondisford Director
Eric Barsness Choreographer
Kinematic Choreographer
Victoria Petrovich Set Designer
Donna Zakowska Costume Designer
Debra Dumas Lighting Designer
Barbara Ann O'Leary Stage Manager
Steven Ehrenberg Production Manager
Jill Jaffe Music Direction
Ted Sperling Piano
Jill Jaffe Violin

Actor Role
Eric Barsness Hugo Fellowes
Laura Innes Daisy
Tamar Kotoske Delphine
Maria Lakis Opal
Mary Richter Phoebe
Campbell Scott Dr. Fellowes