Der Ring Gott Farblonjet

Name: Charles Ludlam Theatre
Address: 1 Sheridan Square, New York, NY 10014
Production Details
Number of performances: 56
Opening date: April 8, 1990
Closing date: May 20, 1990
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Ridiculous Theatrical Company Producer
Charles Ludlam Playwright
Mark Bennett Music
Everett Quinton Director
Mark Beard Set Designer
Susan Young Costume Designer
Richard Currie Lighting Designer
Mark Bennett Sound Designer
Joe Anthony Hair Designer
Brig Berney Press Representative
Judy Jacksina Press Representative
Robin Monchek Press Representative
Ron Murphy Stage Manager
Daphne Groos Prop Master
Sophie Maletsky Prop Master

Actor Role
Eureka Fricka/Gunther
Ivory Froh/Gerhilda
H.M. Koutoukas Eartha
Jim Lamb Siegmund/Siegfried
Robert Lanier Flosshilde/Ortlinda/Norn
Sophie Maletsky Brunnhilda/Fasdolt
Adam McAdam Twoton
Therese McIntyre Freia/Sieglinda
Gary Mink Dunderhead/Hagen/Siegruna
Mary Neufeld Hunding/Gutruna
Stephen Pell Ninny/Rossweisse
Everett Quinton Alverruck and Valtruata
Bobby Reed Welgunde/Schwertleita
Jean-Claude Vasseux Fafner/Helmvige/Norn/Bear
Bryan Webster Loge/Grimgerda
Christine Weiss Woglinde/Forest Bird

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Award Person / Company Function
1 NOMINATED 1990 Hewes Design Award, Lighting Design Richard Currie Lighting Designer
2 NOMINATED 1990 Hewes Design Award, Scenic Design Mark Beard Set Designer
3 NOMINATED 1990 Hewes Design Award, Costume Design Susan Young Costume Designer