Mother Courage and Her Children

Name: Joseph Papp Public Theater/Newman Theater
Address: 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Details
Number of performances: 40
Opening date: May 13, 1980
Closing date: June 15, 1980
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Joseph Papp Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival Producer
Joseph Papp Producer
Bertolt Brecht Playwright
William Elliott Music
Louisa Rose Lyricist
Ntozake Shange Adaptation
Wilford Leach Director
Wilford Leach Set Designer
Patricia McGourty Costume Designer
Jennifer Tipton Lighting Designer
Jack Chandler Assistant Set Designer
Jacqueline Yancey Production Stage Manager
Susan Green Stage Manager
Jason Steven Cohen Production Supervisor
Keith Green Bass
William Moersch Marimba
William Moersch Percussion
William Ruyle Percussion
Dan Berlinghoff Piano
Richard Cohen Reeds
Simeon Westbrooke Reeds
Keith Green Trombone
Ron Stinson Trumpet

Actor Role
Thomas Martell Brimm Old Cowhand/Farmer/Soldier/Kinsmen
Robert Christian Cook
C. David Colson General/Rancher/2nd Klansman
Jose Luis Espinosa Young Cowhand/Mestizo Woman's Son/Soldier/Kinsmen
Gloria Foster Mother Courage
Morgan Freeman Chaplain
Ruthanna Graves Katie
Samuel L. Jackson Sergeant/Kiowa Man/Soldier/Kinsmen
Samuel L. Jackson Ordinance Officer/Deputy/Texas Ranger/1st Klansman/Old Cowhand/Farmer
Jerriese Daniel Johnson Yvette's Servant Child/Soldier/Kinsmen
Jack Landron Enoch
Carol-Jean Lewis Mestizo Woman/Farm Woman
Jerry Mayer Ordinance Officer/Deputy/Texas Ranger/1st Klansman/Soldier/Kinsmen
Peter Oliver-Norman Regimental Clerk/Soldier/Kinsmen
Reyno Smoked Cheese/Soldier/Kinsmen
Raynor Scheine Rebel With Patch/Texas Ranger/3rd Klansman/Soldier/Kinsmen
Anna Deavere Smith Kiowa Woman/Child
Ellis E. Williams Recruiting Officer/Soldier/Kinsmen
Hattie Winston Yvette
Trazana Beverley Mother Courage UNDERSTUDY
Thomas Martell Brimm Recruiting Officer/Sergeant/Kiowa Man UNDERSTUDY
Jerriese Daniel Johnson Regimental Clerk UNDERSTUDY
Carol-Jean Lewis Yvette UNDERSTUDY
Jerry Mayer General/Rancher/2nd Klansman/Rebel With Patch/Texas Ranger/3rd Klansman UNDERSTUDY
Peter Oliver-Norman Enoch/Smoked Cheese UNDERSTUDY
Raynor Scheine Young Cowhand/Mestizo Woman's Son UNDERSTUDY
Anna Deavere Smith Katie/Mestivo Woman/Farm Woman UNDERSTUDY
Ellis E. Williams Cook/Chaplain UNDERSTUDY
Jacqueline Yancey Kiowa Woman/Child UNDERSTUDY

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Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 1980 Obie Award, Performance Morgan Freeman Actor
2 WON 1980 Obie Award, Performance Hattie Winston Actor
3 WON 1980 Obie Award, Special Citation Ntozake Shange Adaptation