Rubbers/ Yank 3 Detroit 0 Top of the Seventh

Name: American Place Theatre
Address: 111 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Details
Number of performances: 145
Opening date: May 16, 1975
Closing date: September 21, 1975
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
American Place Theatre Producer
Wynn Handman Artistic Director
Julia Miles Associate Director
Alan Arkin Director
Henry Millman Set Designer
Susan Denison Costume Designer
Roger Morgan Lighting Designer
David Roggensack Press Representative
Franklin Keysar Production Stage Manager
Mary E. Baird Stage Manager

Actor Role
Lane Binkley Miss Sinkk (Rubbers)
Lane Binkley Donna Luna Donna (Yanks)
William Bogert Mr. Bapp (Rubbers)
William Bogert Brick Brock (Yanks)
Lou Criscuolo Mr. Mutrix (Rubbers)
Lou Criscuolo Lawrence "Beanie" Maligma (Yanks)
MacIntyre Dixon Mr. Pard (Rubbers)
Laura Esterman Mrs. Brimmins (Rubbers)
Albert Hall Mr. Townsend (Rubbers)
Albert Hall Lincoln Lewiss III (Yanks)
John Horn Mr. Austin (Rubbers)
John Horn Old Salt (Yanks)
Mitchell Jason Mr. P Vlitsiak (Rubbers)
Robert Lesser Mr. Damiano (Rubbers)
Robert Lesser Guido Morosini (Yanks)
Tony Lo Bianco Emil
Michael Prince Mr. Tomato/ Mr. Fermrlnr (Rubbers)
Charles Siebert Mr. Clegg (Rubbers)
Warren Sweeney Page (Rubbers)
Warren Sweeney Baseball Player (Yanks)
Jaime Tirelli Page (Rubbers)
Jaime Tirelli Baseball Player (Yanks)

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Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 1976 Obie Award, Performance Tony Lo Bianco Actor
Program of one act-plays by Jonathan Reynolds.