A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant

Name: John Houseman Theatre
Address: 450 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Details
First performance date: December 18, 2003
Opening date: December 18, 2003
Closing date: January 4, 2004
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Les Freres Corbusier Producer
Aaron Lemon-Strauss Producer
Kyle Jarrow Book
Kyle Jarrow Music
Alex Timbers Conceiver
Alex Timbers Director
David Kilpatrick Assistant Director
David Evans Morris Set Designer
Juliet Chia Lighting Designer
Samantha Trepel Lighting Designer
Michael Matthews Assistant Lighting Designer
Deborah Copland Production Designer
Jennifer Rogien Production Designer
Sara Edward-Corbett Graphic Designer
Rob Giampietro Graphic Designer
Tom D'Amrosio Press Representative
Richard Kornberg & Associates Press Representative
Don Summa Press Representative
Bailie Slevin Stage Manager
Erin Funck Assistant Stage Manager
Michael Schulman Assistant Stage Manager
Ronnie Tobia Production Supervisor
Paul Davis Casting Director

Actor Role
Seamus Boyle N/A
Spencer Lee Carrion-O’Driscoll N/A
Alison Stacy Klein N/A
Joshua Marmer N/A
Max Miner N/A
Stephanie Favoreto Queiroz N/A
Daren Watson N/A
Emma Whitfield N/A
Sophie Whitfield N/A
Jordan Wolfe N/A

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Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 2004 Obie Award, Special Citation Kyle Jarrow Book
2 WON 2004 Obie Award, Special Citation Kyle Jarrow Music
3 WON 2004 Obie Award, Special Citation Alex Timbers Conceiver
4 WON 2004 Obie Award, Special Citation Alex Timbers Director