Name: East 13th Street/CSC Theatre
Address: 136 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Details
Opening date: February 8, 2001
Closing date: March 11, 2001
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Ferdinand Bruckner Playwright
Barry Edelstein Adaptation
Barry Edelstein Director
Neil Patel Set Designer
Angela Wendt Costume Designer
Russell H. Champa Lighting Designer
Robert Murphy Sound Designer
Emilio Antonio Hair Studio Hair Designer
Jan Hartley Projections

Actor Role
Jenny Bacon N/A
Colleen Corbett N/A
Robert L. Devaney N/A
Mark H. Dold Leader
Ronald Guttman N/A
Gregory Porter Miller N/A
Tom Nolan N/A
Aaron Nutter N/A
Duncan Nutter N/A
Marc Palmieri N/A
Kirsten Sahs N/A
Tommy Schrider N/A
Jeremy Shamos Nathan Seigelman
Chris Stewart N/A
Stephen Barker Turner N/A
C.J. Wilson N/A

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Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 2001 Obie Award, Set Design Neil Patel Set Designer