Hogan's Goat

Name: Theater at St. Clement's Church
Address: 423 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036
Production Details
Number of performances: 607
Opening date: November 11, 1965
Closing date: April 23, 1967
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
American Place Theatre Producer
Sidney Lanier Producer
Wynn Handman Artistic Director
Norman Kean Produced in Association
William Alfred Playwright
Frederick Rolf Director
Kert Lundell Set Designer
Kert Lundell Costume Designer
Kert Lundell Lighting Designer
Philip Bloom Press Representative
Peter Galambos Production Stage Manager
Joseph Guadagni Technical Director
Chan Daniels Music Consultant

Actor Role
Tom Ahearne Edward Quinn
Conrad Bain James "Palsy" Murphy
Tom Crane Boylan
David Dawson A Doctor
John Dorman Father Maloney
Faye Dunaway Kathleen Stanton
Ellen Fitzpatrick Constituent
Jack Fogarty Constituent
Cliff Gorman Petey Boyle
John Hoffmeister Constituent
Tresa Hughes Josephine Finn
Monica MacCormack Constituent
Michael Murray Constituent
Michaele Myers Bessie Legg
Grania O'Malley Maria Haggerty
Albert Shipley Constituent
Bruce Waite Constituent
Ralph Waite Matthew Stanton
Roland Wood John "Black Jack" Haggerty
Luke Wymbs Bill

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Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 1966 Clarence Derwent Award Tom Ahearne Actor
2 WON 1966 Theatre World Award Faye Dunaway Actor