Troilus and Cressida

Name: American Place Theatre
Address: 111 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036
Production Details
Opening date: April 15, 2001
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Theatre for a New Audience Producer
M. Edgar Rosenblum Executive Director
Jeffrey Horowitz Artistic Director
William Shakespeare Playwright
Herschel Garfein Composer
Peter Hall Director
B.H. Barry Fight Director
Douglas Stein Set Designer
Martin Pakledinaz Costume Designer
Scott Zielinski Lighting Designer

Actor Role
Vivienne Benesch N/A
Jordan Charney N/A
Tony Church N/A
David Conrad N/A
Idris Elba N/A
Philip Goodwin N/A
Thomas M. Hammond N/A
Earl Hindman N/A
Cindy Katz N/A
Nicholas Kepros N/A
Joey Kern N/A
Luke Kirby N/A
Andrew Elvis Miller N/A
Tricia Paoluccio N/A
Lorenzo Pisoni N/A
Frank Raiter N/A
Terence Rigby N/A
Michael Rogers N/A
Tari Signor N/A
Andrew Weems N/A

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Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 2001 St. Clair Bayfield Award Andrew Weems Actor