The Sound and the Fury (April Seventh, 1928)

Name: New York Theatre Workshop
Address: 79 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003
Production Details
First performance date: April 15, 2008
Opening date: April 29, 2008
Closing date: June 1, 2008
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2008 Henry Hewes Design Award Nomination
Lighting Design, Mark Barton

2009 Lucille Lortel Award Nominations

1. Outstanding Play
2. Outstanding Sound Design, Matt Tierney

Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Elevator Repair Service Producer
New York Theatre Workshop Producer
William Faulkner Material
Elevator Repair Service Creator
John Collins Director
Rachel Chavkin Assistant Director
Member of the Company Choreographer
Katherine Profeta Dance Consultant
David Zinn Set Designer
Colleen Werthmann Costume Designer
Mark Barton Lighting Designer
Matt Tierney Sound Designer
Meredith Ries Assistant Set Designer
Campbell Ringel Assistant Costume Designer
Dans Maree Sheehan Assistant Lighting Designer
Sarah C. Hughes Production Stage Manager
Katie Farley Assistant Stage Manager

Actor Role
Mike Iveson Quentin Compson III / Jason Compson IV / Uncle Maury / T.P. Gibson / Washerwoman / Man with a red tie / Undertaker
Vin Knight Jason Compson III / Carolin Compson / Jason Compson IV / Dilsey Gibson / Versh Gibson / T.P. Gibson / Luster Gibson / Washerwoman
Aaron Landsman Quentin Compson III / Benjamin "Benjy" Compson / T.P. Gibson / His Caddie
April Matthis Jason Compson IV / Dilsey Gibson / Versh Gibson / T.P. Gibson / Another Girl
Annie McNamara Carolin Compson / Candice "Caddy" Compson
Randolph Curtis Rand Jason Compson III / Rokus Gibson / Versh Gibson / Mr. Paterson / A Golfer / Charlie / Doctor / Sydney Herbert Head
Greig Sargeant Jason Compson III / Caroline Compson / Dilsey Gibson / Rokus Gibson / Versh Gibson / T.P. Gibson / Luster Gibson / Washerwoman / Another Golfer
Kate Scelsa Candace "Caddy" Compson / Dilsey Gibson / The Burgess Girl
Kaneza Schaal Candace "Caddy" Compton / Quentin / Frony Gibson / Mrs. Patterson
Susie Sokol Benjamin "Benjy" Compson
Troy Vazquez Candace "Caddy" Compton
Ben Williams Jason Compson III / T.P. Gibson / Luster Gibson / Another Golfer