In Masks Outrageous and Austere

Name: 45 Bleecker
Address: 45 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012
Production Details
First performance date: April 6, 2012
Opening date: April 16, 2012
Closing date: May 13, 2012
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Culture Project Producer
Carl Rumbaugh Producer
Victor Syrmis Producer
Allan Buchman Executive Producer
Roy Gabay Executive Producer
Allan Buchman Founder
Allan Buchman Artistic Director
Justin Matson Associate Producer
Tennessee Williams Playwright
Dan Moses Schreier Original Music
David Schweizer Director
Eddie Prunoske Assistant Director
James Noone Set Designer
Gabriel Berry Costume Designer
Alexander V. Nichols Lighting Designer
Dan Moses Schreier Sound Designer
Adrienne Carlisle Assistant Set Designer
Adam Godbout Assistant Set Designer
Christian DeAngelis Assistant Lighting Designer
Joshua D. Reid Assistant Sound Designer
Cookie Jordan Make Up Designer
Cookie Jordan Wig Designer
Darrel Maloney Projections
Darrel Maloney Visual Effects
Roy Gabay General Manager
Daniel Kuney General Manager
O&M Co. Press Representative
Scott Pegg Production Stage Manager
Christine Catti Stage Manager
Amanda Raymond Production Manager
Production Core Production Supervisor
Peter Fry Technical Director
Andrea Dockhorn Wardrobe
Billy Hopkins Casting
Richard Lewis Consultant
Richard Lewis Consultant
Stephen Gabis Dialect Coach
Joe E. Jeffreys Dramaturg

Actor Role
Scot Charles Anderson Gideon
Kaolin Bass Gideon
Robert Beitzel Billy
Connor Buckley Playboy
Alison Fraser Mrs. Gorse-Bracken
Christopher Halladay Joey
Buck Henry Kennelsworth
Ward Horton Gideon
Jonathan Kim Interpreter
Shirley Knight Babe
Jermaine Miles Mac
Austin Pendleton Dr. Lester G. Syme
Pamela Shaw N/A
Pamela Shaw Peg
Sam Underwood N/A
Sam Underwood Jerry
Tina Alexis Allen Babe / Matron / Peg UNDERSTUDY
Ward Horton Jerry UNDERSTUDY
Maude Mitchell Babe UNDERSTUDY
Tunde Somade Mac / Gideons UNDERSTUDY
Dana Watkins Billy / Joey / Playboy UNDERSTUDY

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Award Person / Company Function
1 NOMINATED 2012 Hewes Design Award, Lighting Design Alexander V. Nichols Lighting Designer
2 NOMINATED 2012 Hewes Design Award, Scenic Design James Noone Set Designer