Name: The Mezzanine Theatre
Address: 502 West 53rd St, New York, NY
Production Details
First performance date: September 6, 2017
Opening date: September 22, 2017
Closing date: October 21, 2017
Links: Official Website
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Production Description
KPOP is here and America will never be the same. Claim your exclusive, all-access pass and immerse yourself in the Korean Pop music factory where stars are madeā€¦ or broken.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Ars Nova Producer
Ma-Yi Theater Company Produced in Association
Woodshed Collective Produced in Association
Jason Kim Book
Helen Park Music
Max Vernon Music
Helen Park Lyricist
Max Vernon Lyricist
Jason Kim Conceiver
Woodshed Collective Conceiver
Teddy Bergman Director
Lilleth Glimcher Associate Director
Seonjae Kim Associate Director
Amanda Morton Associate Music Director
Jennifer Weber Choreographer
Taeko Koji Associate Choreographer
Woodshed Collective Designer
Tricia Barsamian Costume Designer
Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew Lighting Designer
Will Pickens Sound Designer
Maggie Brown Assistant Costume Designer
Cha See Assistant Lighting Designer
Tomas Del Valle Assistant Lighting Designer
Toby Jaguar Algya1 Assistant Sound Designer
Tyler Hampton Associate Set Designer
Tsubasa Kamei Associate Lighting Designer
Gabriel Hainer Evansohn Production Designer
Phillip Gulley Projection Designer
Phillip Gulley Video Design
James Nguyen Associate Costume Designer
Patrick Calhoun Associate Sound Designer
Emmie Finckel Associate Production Designer
Ryan Courtney Assistant Production Designer
Lizzy Lee Production Stage Manager
Natalie Hratko Stage Manager
John C. Moore2 Stage Manager

1Credited as Toby Algya.
2Credited as John Moore.

Actor Role
Julia Abueva Sonoma
Cathy Ang Jin Hee
Katie Lee Hill Tiny D
Joomin Hwang Timmy X
Jinwoo Jung Oracle
Jiho Kang Lex
Deborah Kim XO
Susannah Kim Mina
Amanda Morton Vocal Coach (Yazmeen)
Ashley Park MwE
Sun Hye Park Callie
James Saito Moon
James Seol Jerry
David Shih Plastic Surgeon
Jason Tam Epic
Ebony Williams Jenn
John Yi Bobo
Ashley Chiu Tiny D UNDERSTUDY
Replacement Credits

Actor Role
Marina Kondo MwE