Red Roses, Green Gold

Name: Minetta Lane Theatre
Address: 18 Minetta Lane, New York, NY 10012
Production Details
First performance date: October 11, 2017
Opening date: October 29, 2017
Links: Official Website
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Production Description
RED ROSES, GREEN GOLD brings the music and lyrics of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter to the stage. This new musical set in 1920s Maryland tells the fantastical and comedic tale of Jackson Jones and his family of swindlers as they gamble their way to love and riches.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
MWM Live1 Producer
Michael Norman Mann Book
Jerry Garcia Music
Robert Hunter Music
Jerry Garcia Lyricist
Robert Hunter Lyricist
Greg Anton Additional Music
Micky Hart Additional Music
Phil Lesh Additional Music
Bob Weir Additional Music
Rachel Klein Director
Andy Peterson Musical Director
Rachel Klein Choreographer
Robert Andrew Kovach Set Designer
Ásta Bennie Hostetter Costume Designer
Jamie Roderick Lighting Designer
M. Florian Staab Sound Designer
Brad Peterson Projection Designer
Joan Wyatt Stage Manager
Jeff Chimenti Musical Arrangements
Jeff Chimenti Musical Supervision

1Formerly known as Relevant Theatricals

Actor Role
Brian Russell Carey Dudley
Maggie Hollinbeck Glendine
David Park Liam
Michael McCoy Reilly Jessup
Natalie Storrs Melinda
Debbie Christine Tjong Bertha
Michael Viruet Mick
Scott Wakefield Jack
Armando Gutierrez Liam, Jessup, Mick UNDERSTUDY
Erikka Walsh Glendine, Melinda, Bertha UNDERSTUDY
Spiff Wiegand Dudley, Liam, Jackson UNDERSTUDY