Name: Orpheum Theatre
Address: 126 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003
Production Details
First performance date: February 18, 1994
Opening date: February 27, 1994
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Production Description
Stomp is explosive, provocative, sophisticated, sexy, utterly unique, and appeals to audiences of all ages. The international percussion sensation has garnered an armful of awards and rave reviews, and has appeared on numerous national television shows. The eight-member troupe uses everything but conventional percussion instruments--matchboxes, wooden poles, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters, hubcaps--to fill the stage with magnificent rhythms.
Opening Night Credits

Production Credits
Person/Company Credit
Columbia Artists Management Inc. Producer
Galin/Sandler Producer
Harriet Newman Leve Producer
Jennifer Manocherian Producer
Dan Markley Producer
Schuster/Maxwell Producer
James D. Stern Producer
Morton Wolkowitz Producer
Luke Cresswell Director
Steve McNicholas Director
Steve McNicholas Lighting Designer
Neil Tiplady Lighting Designer
Boneau/Bryan-Brown Press Representative
Pete Donno Production Manager

Actor Role
Luke Cresswell N/A
Nick Dwyer N/A
Sarah Eddy N/A
Sean Edwards N/A
Theseus Gerard N/A
Fraser Morrison N/A
David Olrod N/A
Carl Smith N/A
Neil Tiplady N/A
Fiona Wilkes N/A
Replacement Credits

Actor Role
Quami Adams N/A
Shaneca Adams N/A
Taro Alexander N/A
Morris Anthony N/A
Harold Bayang N/A
Amhed Best N/A
Michael Bove N/A
Everett Bradley N/A
Maria Breyer N/A
E. Donisha Brown N/A
Hallie Bulleit N/A
Shola Cole N/A
David James Cox N/A
Miles Crawford N/A
Sean Curran N/A
Stephen Dean Davis N/A
Charlene Deguzman N/A
Coralissa Delaforce N/A
Ivan Delaforce N/A
Leilani Dibble N/A
Jeremy Dolan N/A
Michael Duvert N/A
Nick Dwyer N/A
Allison Easter N/A
Dashiell Eaves N/A
Jim Englund N/A
Andres Fernandez N/A
Dan Finnerty N/A
Rory Flores N/A
Darien Lee Frazier N/A
Khalid Freeman N/A
Tomas Fujiwara N/A
Richard Giddens N/A
Cammie Griffin N/A
Ann Hairston N/A
Mindy Haywood N/A
Fritzlyn Hector N/A
Dave Heilman N/A
Billy Hickling N/A
Jim Holdridge N/A
Brad Holland N/A
Raquel Horsford N/A
Joell Jackson N/A
Tony James N/A
Anthony Johnson N/A
Ameenah Kaplan N/A
Tonya Kay N/A
Konrad Kendrick N/A
Chad Kukahio N/A
Louis Labovitch N/A
Michael Landis N/A
Elton Laron N/A
Lorraine Le-Blanc N/A
Kirk Leggett N/A
Mina Liccone N/A
Jared Lillis N/A
Patrick Lovejoy N/A
Kimmarie Lynch N/A
Peter Michael Marino N/A
Stephanie Marshall N/A
Mignon Mason N/A
Forrest McKinnon N/A
Hillel Meltzer N/A
Keith Middleton N/A
Jason Mills N/A
Yasuko Miyamoto N/A
Noah Mosgofian N/A
Sean Mullins N/A
Justin Myles N/A
Cam Newlin N/A
Shaka Opare N/A
John Oyzon N/A
Nick Pack N/A
Stephen Palmer N/A
Michael Paris N/A
Andrew Patrick N/A
Soda Persi N/A
Raymond Poitier N/A
Matthew Pollack N/A
Ana Sofia Pomales N/A
Chris Pounders N/A
Jeremy Price N/A
Randi Rader N/A
Danielle Reddick N/A
Warren Richardson N/A
Ray Rosa N/A
Walter Rosa N/A
Jason Rosoff N/A
Chris Rubio N/A
R.J Samson N/A
Marivaldo Dos Santos N/A
Paulo Dos Santos N/A
John Sawicki N/A
Matt Scanlon N/A
David Schommer N/A
Stephen Serwacki N/A
Sophia Sharp N/A
Henry Shead N/A
Columbus Short N/A
Camille Shuford N/A
Mike Silvia N/A
Elec Simon N/A
Kamal Sinclair N/A
Elizabeth Homer Smith N/A
Elizabeth Homer Smith N/A
Michelle Smith N/A
Anthony Sparks N/A
Vickie Tanner N/A
Carlos Thomas N/A
Marcia Thompson N/A
Doug Thoms N/A
Michael Tiger N/A
Mario Torres N/A
Seth Ullian N/A
Elizabeth Vidos N/A
Davi Viera N/A
Sherilynn Wactor N/A
Daniel Weiner N/A
Rick Willett N/A
Ejoe Wilson N/A
Nicholas Young N/A

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Award Person / Company Function
1 WON 1994 Drama Desk Award, Unique Theatrical Experience Columbia Artists Management Inc. Producer