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November 29, 2015   

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Contact Us

Lucille Lortel Foundation & Lucille Lortel Theatre

Administrative Offices
322 Eighth Avenue, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10001

Lucille Lortel Theatre
121 Christopher Street
New York NY 10014

Name Title Phone E-mail
Beer, Nancy Programs Manager
212-924-2817 x 211 nbeer [at]
Crigler, Rebecca House Manager 212-924-2817 x 207 ushers [at]
Brown, Zebulon Facilities Manager 212-924-3985 zbrown [at]
Forbes, George Executive Director 212-924-2817 x 201 gforbes [at]
Shubart, Jeffrey Senior Programs Manager 212-924-2817 x 209 jshubart [at]

To volunteer usher, please email ushers [at]
Lucille Lortel Awards
322 Eighth Avenue, 21st Floor
New York NY 10001

Name Title Phone E-mail
Forbes, George Lortel Foundation 212-924-2817 x 201 gforbes [at]
Ramthun, Kendra Lortel Awards Administrator 212-967-1913 x 23 kramthun [at]
ID Press Representation 212-334-8444  

322 Eighth Avenue, 21st Floor · New York, NY 10001 · Tel (212) 924-2817 · Fax (212) 989-0036