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November 28, 2015   

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About the Lortel Archives


The Lortel Archives, also known as www.IOBDB.com (Internet Off-Broadway Database) provides a catalogue of shows produced Off-Broadway.


For the purposes of The Lortel Archives, Off-Broadway refers to any production that has satisfied the following requirements:

1. Played at a Manhattan theatre with a seating capacity of 100-499
2. Intended to run a closed-ended or open-ended schedule of performances of more than one week
3. Offered itself to critics and general audiences alike

The Lortel Archives reserves the right to include exceptions, which may include, but are not limited to, prolific non-for-profit theatre companies with a history of transfers to Off-Broadway venues, or productions that are categorized as Off-Broadway in other first class sources. Festivals, readings, concerts, and one-night special events are not included.

We have been working from the present backwards and have entered complete Off-Broadway seasons dating back to 1958. We have also entered many notable Off-Broadway productions from earlier decades, such as The Fantasticks, The Zoo Story, and The Threepenny Opera. As of March 2012, almost 6,000 shows have been entered and many more are added daily as our research continues.


This database is very simple and user-friendly. Just enter a keyword in the “Search For” field, select a category and press Go! From there, simply click on any result for more information.

For each production, we have included all information available, including title page credits, original cast members and replacements, window card photos, awards won, number of performances and much more. In addition, there’s information about Off-Broadway theatre spaces, theatre companies and the people who make Off-Broadway come to life. The Database does not contain information on general management companies, scripts and how to obtain them or contact information for theatres and individuals.


The Lortel Archives is a constant work in progress. If you have any additional information or corrections regarding any of the production entries please contact us at archives@lortel.org. If available, please send verifying information (for example a scanned Playbill in PDF format). Please note we cannot add a show to the database without knowing the theatre it played and its opening date.

The Lortel Archives were developed and funded solely by the Lucille Lortel Foundation, a non-profit foundation established to continue the largess of its founder, Lucille Lortel, in the field of Off-Broadway. For more information about the Lucille Lortel Foundation please click on the Foundation's link at the left of each page.